May, 2010

May 10

Ground Fire

Ground fire.
Different setup from previous post.
This one has no wind, or other fields. Just fluids burning.
Plan to advance this by adding a fire whirly soon.
Inspired by this video:

May 10

First attempt at ground fire.
Spherical emitter, tighter volume field for air/wind.
No texture settings applied.

May 10

Perlin vs Billow

Texture Types: Perlin Noise vs Billow
Billow looks so much nicer, but took too long to render when comapred to the quality of perlin. – looks like i’ll have to explore the perline settings. perhaps animating the texture origin over time?

May 10

Fire: 001

My first fluid effects fire.
perlin noise texture, animated magnitude – with noise expression
Feels way too fast, and the dark blobby parts don’t tend to move around the fuel. Most likely a noise texture placement issue.