Mac Mini HTPC

This page is dedicated to the setup of my Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC), and covers the hardware, software and my findings along the way.
I decided to make a HTPC as my collection of discs was growing (CD and DVD), I was running out of physical storage space, and decided to make everything in the house digitally available ~ why not? It should make my life easier.

There are lots of websites and forums out there showing how to setup a HTPC, this might make another one, however my main goal was to make something that anyone could use, and would not find it difficult ~ it had to be family friendly and bomb proof!


Essential Hardware
All the bits and pieces needed to build a simple, easy to use and good looking HTPC.

Essential Software
All the essential applications needed to turn a little computer into a fully blown home theater system. Also contains links to software notes, finding, tips and tricks that I have discovered along the way.






to sort….

Components and System Setup
This page explains what hardware components I have in my HTPC, their basic role and how they are connected from one to the other.

Media Conversion
How to go about converting DVD’s and music CD’s to justify the ‘Home Theatre’ in HTPC.