HTPC: Hardware

A list of all the hardware I have setup, creating the core components of my HTPC.


Computer: 2010 Mac Mini
I chose a mac mini as my media server, other options included a windows based machine or purposebuilt/dedicated HTPC box like the Popcorn hour or Boxee Box. The mini turned out to be the right decision!


Television: Samsung LCD Series 6 – 40″
I chose a Samsung LCD based television, and have discovered a few things about it since (all good)


Remote Control: Logitech Harmony One
The one and only remote you will ever need, believe the reviews… it really is that good!


External Storage / Backup
A big externally powered hard drive to hold all of the media (movies, music and images). It also has build in hardware RAID, so the second hard drive is a mirrored backup in case of drive failure.


(TV Tuner) Elgato EyeTV: Diversity
This amazing little USB stick device is a duel digital TV tuner, allowing me to record two tv shows at once, or watch one and record another. It’s absolutely worth lashing out the extra money for the duel tuner ‘Diversity’ model.


Stereo / Sound System
Nothing too special here, an old stereo with surround sound, and doubles as an AM/FM radio and a nice stereo for movies.


VHS / DVD Player
With all media running off the mac mini, this old thing is hanging around to convert those old home video’s from VHS to DVD, which can then be ripped to the HTPC.


Nintendo Wii
A bit of family entertainment and fun, and no wires!