HTPC – Software

This page lists all the software installed on my mac mini, converting it from ‘just’ a computer to a HTPC! A few have reviews / findings and useful notes linked off the titles.


Used as the primary interface for watching movies, listening to music and viewing pictures.


Remote Buddy
A must have bit of software for controlling the mac OS and applications via a remote control.
- worth it’s weight in gold.


For watching, scheduling and recording live tv via a mac


Used for extracting / ripping DVD’s and is free!


A great DVD extractor / ripper for highly encrypted DVD’s that MacTheRipper just can’t handle.


For converting extracted / ripped DVD’s to self contained movies.


For downloading stuff that may or may not end up on a media center.


The standard audio/video player for mac, and an essential application for syncing and updating iPods and iPads.


QuickTime Player
A simple, clean media player when in ‘pc’ mode


Perian Tools
An essential plugin which allows QuickTime to open just about any video format.


VLC Media Player
A good all round media player that opens just about anything. Not the nicest interface, but it serves as a great backup to QuickTime.


Serve to Me
Adds the ability to effortlessly stream media to wireless devices such as iPods and iPads.


Used to create automatic actions and rules for moving files, which is an essential part of an automated media conversion workflow.


For notifying you when things are finished (dvd ripping, encoding and downloads). Great when using an automated system, but not that useful when your not.


A fantastic web browser, which is well.. better than the rest.


For syncing files between computers over the internet.