Mac Mini (2010 model)

This is my first mac, always being a PC user (and I commonly fly the PC flag) it was a big gamble, the price compared to a home built PC and or dedicated HTPC devices was a lot more, but the features of a fully blown computer far out weighed the limitations of a HTPC only machine and the common bugs and threats of a Windows machine.
And it was the best decision I could have made. Why?

  • Reasonably stable
  • Looks great in the TV unit
  • Well protected against virus and melware – important as it will hold all my photos, music and movies.
  • Power efficiency (until I turned all power saving off ~ hard drives ejecting when waking up)
  • Time Machine – Apple backup software, stable and reliable (so I hear)

That’s it, no other reasons… and I’m generally 100% happy with it.

Problems & Issues

Power Management and External Hard Drive issues
A key feature of the mac mini was the low power consumption, but it didn’t take long for me to turn the settings off and have this little guy working 24/7.
My media (movies, photos, music and time machine backup) are all housed on a big external drive. When the mac goes to sleep and wakes again, a message is displayed about a ‘bad eject’ and my external drive is not longer mounted.
I have two options:
- reboot the mac mini
- flick the power switch on the hard drive
Both options suck, I have searched high and low and found no solution other than don’t let the the mac sleep. It was working fine, and only started once I setup Time Machine… could this be the problem? I know other people using the exact same drive on mac computers and they don’t have this issue (and it’s not the drive itself)
Another unsolved mystery!