System Setup

Mac Mini
The heart and sole of my system, this runs everything and brings the digital age into my living room.
- internet and general computer duties
- media viewing (boxee)
- media ripping/encoding
- tv recording (eyeTV)

External Hard Drive: Lacie 4TB Raid
This is plugged into the mac mini via USB, it holds all of my media and is shared on my home network.
contents: movies, videos, music and photos
Is also my time machine backup location
(if there is a fire, this is what I grab!)

Television: Samsung Seies 6 LCD 40″
Connected via HDMI to the mac mini for media viewing
TV input for normal television watching

DVD Player (not really needed, but it copies VHS to DVD), which can then be easily ripped to the mac mini.
Connected via RCA

Nintendo Wii
To have some fun with! Connected via RCA

It’s there for two reasons, for surround sound when watching movies, and for listening to the radio

Logitec Harmony One – Universal remote
Operates all this hardware, it only turns on what it needs to, and makes this system ‘just work’