Television: Samsung LCD Series 6 – 40″

To compliment any HTPC, a nice television goes down well!
Based on recommendations by friends and a few online reviews, I settled with Samsung and the 40″ (was the best value for money at the time of purchase).

Official TV website (SAMSUNG)

Motion Plus: Do NOT be fooled!
A big selling point for all the televisions was the ‘motion plus’ features (named differently between brands), where the frame rate is essentially doubled to create a smoother picture.
This looks absolutely amazing, it really does – however after a while I noticed compressed areas of footage appeared floaty, in fact, most background elements did in both TV and Media Center modes. The motion plus settings was promptly turned off for all input channels, showing a ‘real’ signal, the way it was meant to be. Do not pay extra for a setting you will not use! (and it wasn’t just me, family members noticed it too)

I had my heart set on an LED display, it’s a newer technology, it has a wider range of colour, higher ‘motion plus – see above’, and was a little thinner than LCD models. With this comes a higher price tag too.
After much debate, the LCD was a better TV for the purpose, I could get a bigger screen for similar money, and lets face it – I was replacing an old box CRT monitor, anything was going to look good in it’s place. I wasn’t going to have an LCD and an LED side by side like in the shops, so comparing qualities and the slight differences was really a mute point.